Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel

PE-FA 480

Fire Hazard Solution

Conventional Fire Alarm Panel
Conventional Fire Alarm Panel
Conventional Fire Alarm Panel

* Fire Alarm Panel Complied to MS 1745:Part 2: 2004

* Bomba Approved

PROGRAM Fire Alarm Control Panel, Model : PE-FA 480 is manufactured and tested in accordance to EN 54-2 : 1997 ( which is equivalent to MS 1745-2 : 2004 ) and also BOMBA APPROVAL.

This controls are housed in signal red metal enclosure with glaze panel in front for clear visibility of the control and indications. The benefits of this product, it is cost saving, user friendly and it could fit into various brands of conventional detectors. This is applicable for all hospital, campus, schools, factories, commercial buildings and office buildings.

No. of Zones Model Normal Mimic
PE - FA 480
510 x 535 x 204*
560 x 1170 x 230*
510 x 586 x 204*
560 x 1220 x 230*
610 x 775 x 204*
610 x 1401 x 230*
610 x 1026 x 230*
610 x 1534 x 230*
610 x 1162 x 230*
610 x 1670 x 230*

* Size in mm (W x H x D)
* All Dimensions Tolerance are +/- 10 mm

Fire Alarm Panel Facial
Controls & Indication Panel
Technical Data
Power Supply
240V AC 50Hz
Operating / System
24V DC
Auto / Trickle
Charging Rate
300mA (Trickle)
2.5A (Boost)
End of Line
8K2 Ohms
Auxiliary Output
24V 1 Amp
CMS Output
N/O Contact
Standby Mode
Per Zone (c/w Detectors)
Alarm Mode
Per Trigger Zone
Output Devices
Per Bell

Specifications subject to be changed without notice

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