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In today safety-conscious society, the Fireman Intercom System, has proven to be an effective way in fighting the fire in any factory site or multi-storey building. Hence properties and lives can be saved in case of fire-emergency. The Fireman Intercom System from Program Electronic is designed using the state-of-the-art electronic system with full automatic switching and linkage between Master and all remotes with just one push of a button. The system has to be simple and user friendly in case of emergency.

The system provide all the supervisory controls for the Master and all Remote Handset. Power source problem, card failure, cable short or open circuit, audio and visual warning.

Standard Features

The System Consists of various modules:

1) Remote Handset c/w supervisory and control module together with metal enclose
Code: PE-RHS-01

2) Master Handset Control Panel c/w trouble Supervirory card and battery charger unit.
Code: PE-MHC-01

3) Remote Handset selector panel Code: PE-HSS-01


We can provide any system tailored to customer’s equipment in terms of system size and application. We have various models PEXX series which can be expandable to any size with a 12 zones handset selector panel.

Specification & Technical Data
Power Supply Input
240V AC 50/60Hz
Operating System / System Voltage
24V DC
Automatic / Trickle
Cabling (Remotes)
Size 1.5 mm²
Communication Length
1.5 km
Current Rating
Master Control
70 mA (Standby)
95 mA (Operation)
Handset Selector
24V 0 mA (Standby)
15 mA (Operation)
15 mA / Zone (Standby)
90 mA / Zone (Operation)

Basic Models



*PE960 (MAX 96 REMOTES) and any multiple of 12

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