Fire Telephone Control Panel



* Fire Alarm Panel Complied to MS 1745:Part 2: 2004

* Bomba Approved

1. IEC 61000-6-1

2. IEC 61000-6-2

3. IEC 61000-6-3

4. IEC 61000-6-4

The fire telephone system is a special system for fire communication. The fire telephone system has a private circuit for transmitting signals. In the event of fire, the fire telephone system can be used to directly communicate with the fire control center.

For example, the fire extension telephone (fixed) installed in the field can be lifted and the fire telephone mobile handset can be plugged into the fire telephone jack socket to talk with the staff in fire control center.

PE-AFI-1280 Fire Telephone Control Panel (herein- after referred to as the telephone control panel) is new-developed Automatic Control System for Fire Protection. PE-AFI-1280 Fire T elephone Control Panel can constitute a fire telephone system together with PE-AHS-128 Addressable Fire Extension Telephone.

Standard Features

System Configuration

PE-AFI-128 Fire Telephone System includes the following equipment:

Fire Telephone Control Panel - Cabinet Details
Model Description Photo
Fire Telephone Control Panel
Can connect up to 128 PE-AHS-128 fire telephone extensions, support up to 3 telephone extensions to talk at the same time; black and white 128 × 64 LCD screen, can display 32 Chinese characters; support USB offline programming, telephone installation location; support USB download and upload Device Information.
Addressable Fire Extension Telephone
Non-polarity two bus, communication and call sharing, reduce wiring costs; strip-free wiring structure, convenient and reliable field installation.
Addressable Fire Extension Telephone
Relay Module
Used to extend the communication distance of the fire telephone system.
Technical Data
Power Supply
240V AC 50/60Hz
Operating System
24V DC
Battery Cut Off
Intelligent Charger (S1)
0.67A - 1.3A @ 30%
Intelligent Charger (S5)
1.2A - 1.8A @ 100%
End of Line
8K2 Ohms
Auxiliary Output
24V, 2 Amp
Alarm Signal
N/O Contact
Gas Discharged Signal
N/O Contact

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