Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Q&A

All Program Electronic products are to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for twelve (12) months from the date of purchase and no others else.

During the warranty period, Program Electronic product warranty shall valid if the product is not altered, repaired, or serviced by anyone other than the manufacturer or its authorized distributors. The product warranty shall void if there is a failure to maintain the products and systems in which they should operate in a proper and intended manner, least of all the installation and storage conditions.

Program Electronic normally will impose normal service charges per trip per working day to customer when requested to attend fault/troubleshooting at a specific job site within Klang-Valley areas. Please call sales and marketing department Tel: +603 8062 4766 for a quote if your job site is beyond Klang-Valley areas.

Yes and please do so. Program Electronic always encourage customer to send back their product/part directly to our manufacturer base. Please call Tel: +603 8062 4766 if you need assistant on how to proceed with dismantling Program Electronic equipment/panel/part etc.

Yes and we do. Customers/users are always welcome to contact/call/email Program Electronic for product information & training, technical support and email enquiry. Please send your request to email: for further details.

Yes and you can. Program Electronic only provide training in our premises which situated in Selangor Puchong Industrial Area. Please email: for available training schedule and details.

Yes. Program Electronic shall issue trainee a Certificate of Attendance after they passed their Self-Test & Assessment.

Program Electronic is an equipment manufacturer, thus we do not provide installation, testing and commissioning to customer/user. Should you really need a subject matter expert to conduct such services, we shall be able to make a recommendation.

No and we do not plan to do so. This is because we are not only manufacturing standard (commodity) products, but we are also making a lots of customization products due to every project has their own uniqueness and requirements.

Please call sales and marketing department Tel: +603 8062 4766 or send email: for lead-time and schedules.

Program Electronic DO NOT provide troubleshoot, maintenance, service and repair on any non-in-house products.

Program Electronic core businesses are focusing on conventional fire protection equipment/solution. Nevertheless, most of Program Electronic products range has evolved into digitized solution.

Product Q&A

PE-GRP-200i/400i is a conventional gas release control panel which evolved into digitized solution with microprocess-base for much easier maintenance, configuration and customisation to suit various of project requirements.

Program Electronic digitized gas release control panel can be programmed to meet several customisations without additional hardware (cost saving). However, any customisation shall be confirmed prior to shipping/delivery. Additional charges (min. RM250) shall be imposed after goods been delivered.

Program Electronic gas release control panel were tested and complied to MS-1745: PART 2: 2004 as well as IEC-61000-6-1 | 6-2 | 6-3 | 6-4. It is also BOMBA approved too.

Program Electronic PE-GRP-Series gas release control panel can support up to max. 20 number combination of smoke and heat detector per zone. However, this situation may also vary depending on different device and specifications.

Program Electronic PE-GRP-Series gas release control panel can support up to max. 9 number of bells per bell line. However, this situation may also vary depending on different device and specifications.

Program Electronic recommends the used of different wire/cable type/size for the below applications:-

  • 5mmØ PVC for smoke detector, heat detector, key switch, pull switch and low-pressure indication.
  • 5mmØ PVC for bell, fan, blanket, gas discharge, flashing light and abort switch.
  • 1.5mmØ shielded for fireman intercom remote handset.

Yes. Program Electronic PE-GRP-Series support the application on GLD. You may download the recommended installation guide from the Gas Leak Detector Connectivity Diagram.pdf. Should you used other manufacturer GLD, please communicate with our technical support for further details:

Program Electronic always recommend customer/user to use AC arrestor on all our product range. However, if customer/user did not include this protective device during the purchase/contract and want to add-on later, you may download the recommended installation guide from the ZONES GRP WITH AC ARRESTOR WIRING Rev.2.0.pdf.

Yes and indeed. Program Electronic PE-GRP-Series support EVENT LOG that record how user interacting with our gas release control panel as well as the activation status on almost every device that connected to our gas release control panel. This advance feature is especially useful for systems and root cause analysis. However, this advance feature is only available to our latest version of products. Please call sales and marketing department Tel: +603 8062 4766 or send email: for further enquiry and details.

Program Electronic PE-GRP-Series event log records may retain for at least a year. However, due to every panel, configuration and setup condition may be varied from one project to another project. We recommend customer/user to at least check the RTC BATTERY VOLTAGE at least once a year to ensure the RTC battery is in heathy condition and able to keep the event logs from time to time. You may download the guideline of HOW TO CHECK RTC BATTERY FROM SYSTEM MENU from the download page.

IMPORTANT: Event Log Records is an additional built-in feature on Program Electronic Gas Release Control Panel. However, it is an option to customers/users if they want to use and maintain such feature for future troubleshooting/root cause analysis purposes. This feature is totally independent of overall systems functionality and shall not affect the normal operation of the gas release control panel functionalities.

Program Electronic PE-GRP-Series Operation Manual stated an 8.2K ohms EOL to be used at the end of the fire detection circuit. Wrong value of EOL resistor or additional parallel resistor added onto the fire detection circuit may cause susceptible to false alarm condition. Please download the below document for better understanding.

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