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Fire Hazard Solution

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Intelligent Fire Alarm Panel with Mimic
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PROGRAM Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel, Model: iFA-2000 is manufactured and tested in accordance to MS 1745:2004 Part 2 and MS 1745:2004 Part 4 as well as certified by JBPM (Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia).

This intelligent fire alarm panel is highly configurable to cater for various operational scenario and provide versatility to suit different building design with support of varieties cards and modules to meet wide systems design criteria.

With the different of parts and modules, when integrated, the fire hazard solution shall support the following main features/functions: –

Note: 24V means voltage provided by system is between 22.0V to 28.3V

Model Normal Mimic
Standard (≤ 12 zones)
600 x 650 x 200*
600 x 863 x 200*
Configurable (≥ 12 Zones)
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* Size in mm (W x H x D)

* All Dimension Tolerance are +/- 10mm

Intelligent Controls & Indication Panel
Technical Data
Power Supply input
240V AC 50/60Hz
Operating System Voltage
24V1 DC
Battery Operating Voltage
22.0V to 27.6V DC
Intelligent Charger
0.45A to 1.2A
Maximum Load Current
AHU Trip Output
24V 2A fuse* with Double Pole Relay
LIFT Trip Output
24V 2A fuse* with Double Pole Relay
AUX (Auxiliary) Output
24V 2A fuse* with Single Pole Relay
Bell Output
2 x 24V with 2A fuse shared
Zone End of Line Resistor
8.2K Ohms
SPKA Signal
N/O Contact

NOTE: 2A fuse are maximum output shared for AHU/LIFT/AUX output

Description Standby Mode Alarm Mode
Main and Sub Control Panel
Zone Unit (with EOL 8.2K)
Smoke Detector
Heat Detector
Alarm Bell
Zone Indicator
1mA per zone
Input Monitoring Indicator
1mA per input
Other Outputs
To be provided by device vendors

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